Fujisan Sleepover

YMCA Global Kindergarten・活動報告

It was an amazing sleepover!
On Thursday, 7th of September, the Cub Class went for a Sleepover.
Everyone was very excited from the moment we entered the Bullet Train. On those fast tracks, zooming through the countryside, we caught beautiful glimpses of the mountains and fields and then, there was Mt. Fuji and the YMCA.
Despite the drizzle, nobody could stop us from going to the farm right after having our delicious lunch. We put on our rain coats and walked there all smiles..
On the way, the students heard that an exciting adventure was waiting for them. We had to walk through a grass field to reach the farm. Some were afraid as some of the blades were taller than them, but as we walked on, anyway, they started laughing and ended up enjoying that walk greatly.
When we finally reached the farm, everyone was delighted! The farm was big. We were able to see, pet and feed different kinds of animals such as rabbits, pigs, sheep, goats and horses. Even though some of them were a bit afraid at first, we we're amazed that everyone still tried and was able to experience milking the cow.
We didn't let the day pass without giving the playground a try. It was so much fun!
As we went to back to camp, we burst out running in the wide open with the beautiful scenery and fresh air. The most amazing was the view of Mt. Fuji, right in front of us.
When we arrived at the camp, we finally got to see our beautiful room and made our own beds. We took a bath together and ate our special dinner afterwards.
Before going to sleep, we observed the night the sky, filled with stars and checked if we could find the constellations that we have learned.
After that we enjoyed book time.
The next day, we woke up early and ready to go on a new adventure together. 
We made our beds, some people see it as a chore but we had great fun doing it..
It was a sunny day and we used this chance to go out after breakfast.
There was a huge hammock, we climbed up in it and had a laugh.
We were also able to see and catch different kinds of insects such as butterflies, dragonflies and spiders, big and small.
Everyone was fascinated and had fun showing and sharing to their friends whenever they had found one.
As soon as we came back to the dining hall, we ate our lunch and got ready to say good bye to the beautiful YMCA Mt. Fuji.
It was great to hear that everyone had so much fun and still wants to stay for few more days.

(YMCAグローバルキンダーガーテン カブクラス担任)